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Chamba Pangi Valley
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Chamba Pangi ValleyChamba Pangi Valley :: Chamba Pangi Valley Is The Remotest And Yet The Most Beautiful Valley Of Chamba District. Sandwiched Between Pir- Panjal Range And Zaskar Range, Pangi Valley Holds A Great Fascination For The Trekking Enthusiasts As It Provides Several Unbeaten Tracks. The Valley Is No Less Important From The Scenic Point Of View.Dr. Hutchison Has Rightly Remarked That The Pangi Valley Is Unique In Its Grandeur And Beauty. The Scenery Is Sublime And Imposing . Nature Appears In Her Wildest And Grandest Moods. Everything Is On Stupendous Scale. The Great River Chandrabhaga Rolls Along In A Deep And Narrow Gorge, Lashing Itself In To Fury Against The Adamantine Cliffs That Confine It. Precipices Spring From The Brink In Places Almost Perpendicular To A Height Of One Or Two Thousand Feet. On The Lower Ranges Are The Grassy Slopes Of Rich Pasture With Dense Forests Of Pine And Cedar, And The Majestic Mountains Piled On One Another, Attain An Altitude Of 18000 To 21000 Ft. Rising Far Beyond The Line Of Eternal Snow. Every Few Miles The Traveler Reaches Fairly Open Nooks Of Surprising Beauty Which May Have Been Small Lakes In Some Bygone Age, While The River Was Cutting Its Way Through A Rocky Barrier In Front. There Some Villages Are To Be Found Which Are Few In Number And Of Small Size, For The Country Is Sparsely Inhabited. The Roads Are Just What One Might Except In Such A Region, Narrow And Dangerous.

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